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I’m an artist! My best friend, Carol, encourages me to put a stake in the ground and declare it! I am an artist!


A few years ago, I was near the end of my career in the communications industry and I was looking for something to do that would be as engaging and fulfilling as my work, first as a television producer, then as a speech coach, helping people discover and verbally communicate their stories.


On a lark, I took an abstract watercolor class and fell in love! I learned I enjoyed moving watercolors around on paper in the very first class I took from a wonderful artist/instructor, Virginia Paquette. I am still learning about color, composition, line, shape, contrast, and how to communicate in this new way.


I love the energy that comes from laying down the paint, using tools from sticks and string, to brushes and color shapers, to disrupt the surface and see what happens. Each painting feels like a journey of discovery and I’m enjoying the ride.


In addition to watercolors, I have worked in acrylic on canvas and wood and dabbled a bit in collage using fragments of painted and manufactured paper.


It’s always a revelation to see what people respond to in my pieces and recently I decided it was time to show my work to a larger audience. Explore!

Artist Statement

For pricing and shipping of paintings please email Lorraine.

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