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Tone-Deafness in Michigan

According to a recent article in The Detroit News, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has hired not one, but two public relations firms to “help his office deal with the Flint water contamination crisis."

Hands please if you think that’s a good idea? One good PR firm may seem reasonable, but two seems beyond the pale, especially when you consider the long and winding road that led to this crisis.

The governor does have a PR problem, but more importantly he has a credibility problem. His administration has broken faith with his constituents. And hiring public relations teams at this point demonstrates his tone-deafness in what is needed. What he needs to do is demonstrate transparency and a willingness to leave no stone unturned to fix the Flint issues and hold those responsible accountable, even himself. He does not seem interested in either.

Good luck to those public relations folks. There’s not enough lipstick for this pig!


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