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Media Skills Training



Networking: Relax and Enjoy Meeting New People

Are you comfortable at networking events? Do you enjoy meeting new people? This exercise done on a regular basis helps you relax and create engaging conversations and extend your personal or business network.

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speeches, presentations, media interviews, networking events, job interviews, or any other situation causing you stress.


All audio exercises are between 7-10 minutes in length.



Visualization is a powerful and practical tool that works on several levels. By creating your own daydream in your mind’s eye, you begin to set your intention for what you desire. It also puts your mind and body in sync, allowing you to approach situations that generate nervousness with an overriding sense of relaxation. Every time you visualize, it’s as though you are doing it in reality. It’s like a real practice for the event. Athletes have been using this tool for many years to assist them in their training.


Try these simple relaxation exercises every day or as often as possible in the days leading up to any event, including 



Public Speaking: Relax and Stay Confident in the Spotlight

Fear of public speaking is reported to be the number one phobia on the planet. This exercise done on a regular basis helps reduce the stress and anxiety about giving speeches and presentations.

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All relaxation and visualization audio exercises are available through iTunes and Amazon/Audible.


Media Interviews: Relax and Stay Focused in the Media Spotlight

Interviews with journalists can be big opportunities and they can be very intimidating. This exercise done on a regular basis helps you stay calm, focused and on target with your message when talking to media.

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Job Interviews: Relax and Communicate Your Expertise and Value to Prospective Employers

Everything you do and say is under a microscope during a job interview. Your voice, body language and conversational skills are constantly being evaluated. This exercise done on a regular basis helps you stay calm, focused and confident as you pursue the job of your dreams.

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Stress Relief: Relax and Handle Life’s Surprises and Big Moments

As the saying goes, “Stuff Happens!” How you respond makes all the difference. Doing this exercise on a regular basis can help you stay calm, relaxed and ready for what life has to offer. Stay in the game!

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