Do you feel comfortable and confident when giving presentations or speaking in public?


For most people, the answer is “No!


Business and community leaders are under increasing pressure to be effective communicators. You cannot lead if you cannot articulate your vision and ideas to others.


“Winging it” is never a strategy. Effective communication is a learned skill that takes preparation and practice.


After a career in television broadcasting, I developed a framework of simple, practical strategies that help speakers present creative and compelling content for an audience of one – or 1,000!


With my coaching, you quickly will learn how to:

  • Develop and organize key ideas.

  • Engage and enlist listeners within the first few seconds.

  • Include stories and details that drive home your points.

  • Create seamless transitions.

  • Use visuals that effectively illustrate your messages.

  • Harmonize your body language with your words.

  • Move your audience to action!


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Lorraine Howell launched her business in 1998 after 12 years as a TV news and talk show producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She coaches top executives and professionals on how to be more effective in public speeches, presentations and networking opportunities.


She is the author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!,  a step-by-step guide through her proven process for crafting a personal branding statement.



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