People tend to feel nervous in the spotlight. But you can be comfortable and confident whenever the attention shines squarely on you. All it takes is preparation and practice.

Lorraine Howell's services are designed to help you overcome the fears of delivering a public speech/presentation, media interview or marketing pitch.


Lorraine Howell offers a unique toolkit of practical strategies that play to your strengths and fit your style. These trainings are fun and the lessons are simple to learn.


With coaching, you will quickly learn how to:

  • Connect effectively with any audience.

  • Create compelling and memorable content.

  • Feel relaxed in the spotlight!


A career in TV broadcasting laid the foundation for developing a suite of services to help you overcome the nervousness of being in front of an audience. Lorraine Howell coaches top executives and other business professionals to be more effective speakers. She also regularly speaks at conferences, workshops and company meetings about the necessity and art of crafting an elevator speech.


Learn how to:

• Connect effectively with

     any audience.

• Create compelling and

     memorable content.

• Feel relaxed in the spotlight!


Coaching sessions are based on training methods that I uniquely developed. Each session is customized especially for you.


Connect to any audience with compelling and memorable content.


Lorraine Howell is often invited to speak to groups at conferences, workshops and company meetings. 

Lorraine Howell launched her business in 1998 after 12 years as a TV news and talk show producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. She coaches top executives and professionals on how to be more effective in public speeches, presentations and networking opportunities.


She is the author of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!,  a step-by-step guide through her proven process for crafting a personal branding statement.



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