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“What do you do?”


It’s the most common question asked by someone you’ve just met. Your response can determine whether the conversation continues productively — or stops dead in its tracks. Whether interviewing for a job, networking at an industry conference or chatting it up at a cocktail party, every professional needs a clear, concise and memorable answer to the question.


Think of it as your personal branding statement. It's also called your “elevator speech.”


After a career in television broadcasting, I have developed a fun and simple framework for crafting your elevator speech that plays to your strengths and fits your personal style. For almost more than 15 years, people have been using my practical approach with phenomenal results.


You can start developing your personal branding statement by purchasing my book, Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!, a step-by-step guide for crafting your own 30-second commercial. You also can hire me directly to walk you through the process on a more personal basis through web-based platforms and apps.


With my coaching, you quickly will learn how to:

• Eliminate the verbal clutter when answering the question: “What do you do?”

• Identify and connect with your target client or customer.

• Develop confidence and clarity in articulating your value in the marketplace!


For more information, contact me at

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