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Media Skills Training


How to craft your own 30-second commercial

By Lorraine Howell

Author, Speaker, Speech Coach


Published in 2010, this second edition of Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! features a new chapter on personal branding, and includes tips on new media and social media.

Whether you’re at a business event or a social function,
what’s the most common question asked by someone you’ve just met?


“What do you do?”


And that’s good because those four words represent a golden opportunity for you to market yourself to a potential client or referral partner. But here’s the catch: In most cases you have just a few seconds — about as long as it takes for an elevator to travel from the lobby to the penthouse — to get your message across and engage your listener’s interest.


How do you do that? With an “elevator speech.”


In Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift!, media specialist Lorraine Howell guides you step by step through her unique process for creating a winning elevator speech. By using Lorraine’s method, you can eliminate the verbal clutter and explain what you do – in 30 seconds or less. You also can determine your listener’s need and interest, making your elevator speech one of your most compelling – and time-efficient – marketing tools for generating new business.


In this age of lightning-fast communication and information overload, getting your message out quickly and effectively will help you rise to the top. So forget the stairs. Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! shows you how to ride the express elevator to professional success.


Give Your Elevator Speech a Lift! is available through (Kindle and Paperback editions) at the link below:


Amazon: Kindle and Paperback editions available here

For bulk orders please contact me at or call 206-285-5220


All relaxation and visualization audio exercises are available through iTunes and Amazon/Audible.

Public Speaking: Relax and Stay Confident in the Spotlight

Fear of public speaking is reported to be the number one phobia on the planet. This exercise done on a regular basis helps reduce the stress and anxiety about giving speeches and presentations.

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Media Interviews: Relax and Stay Focused in the Media Spotlight

Interviews with journalists can be big opportunities and they can be very intimidating. This exercise done on a regular basis helps you stay calm, focused and on target with your message when talking to media.

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Networking: Relax and Enjoy Meeting New People

Are you comfortable at networking events? Do you enjoy meeting new people? This exercise done on a regular basis helps you relax and create engaging conversations and extend your personal or business network.

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Job Interviews: Relax and Communicate Your Expertise and Value to Prospective Employers

Everything you do and say is under a microscope during a job interview. Your voice, body language and conversational skills are constantly being evaluated. This exercise done on a regular basis helps you stay calm, focused and confident as you pursue the job of your dreams.

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Stress Relief: Relax and Handle Life’s Surprises and Big Moments

As the saying goes, “Stuff Happens!” How you respond makes all the difference. Doing this exercise on a regular basis can help you stay calm, relaxed and ready for what life has to offer. Stay in the game!

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